Who We Are

We are a boutique law firm. Our associates are dedicated and skilled advocates with experience and skills focused on assisting persons and their families who have been injured.

The civil justice system in British Columbia has played a crucial role in protecting the public from powerful interests and insisting on accountability for wrong doing.

McNeney McNeney Spieker LLP has strongly supported countering any political initiatives to change our civil justice system in a way which reduces or eliminates the object of Tort law. The aim of Tort law is to place a victim as best as can be done, in a position he or she was at prior to sustaining injury or harm.

We have contributed time and funding in support of the coalition against no fault which is aimed squarely at countering any political efforts aimed at compromising an injured person’s right to make claim or to collect against persons found responsible for causing injuries.

We focus on:

Developing the best engineering evidence and witness investigation where fault is suggested to be undecided;
Developing the best medical evidence by the use of skilled medical specialists;
Pursuing related claims for disability benefits;
Insurance and Motor Vehicle Act offence disputes.
Our firm is able to maximize your claim by putting your best foot forward because we have the experience and financial backing to deliver the best evidence available without any direct expense to you. We strongly believe in the right for every injured person to pursue justice and fairness in compensation. Every claimant should be financially able to present their case with the very best evidence.

Our firm has a strong history in trial court advocacy and personal injury representation since 1977 including:

Developing the respect of motor vehicle insurers as advocates in pursuit of a trial judgment where negotiations fail;
Supporting community activism aimed at protecting the legal rights of injured persons;
Supporting motor vehicle and insurance initiatives which benefit motorists, particularly motorcyclists;
Supporting the British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists.

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"I am incredibly grateful for everything.  Martin Spieker is a brilliant lawyer, and at the beginning while I may have gotten the sentiment from Martin that my case as a waste of time and money, he didn’t let that stop him.  His knowledge, expertise, and willingness to GRIND for me eventually did work by focussing on a different approach of the case; and it worked by much more than I could have ever hoped for.  Martin’s assistant was the most amazing assistant.  She helped bring clarity to times of confusion and was fast and efficient with everything that had to be done.  She also showed compassion and patient when needed, as there were plenty of times where I was wiping my tears either on the phone with her or in person.  I thank the firm for allowing my case to be taken, and for fronting all the monetary expenses prior to the settlement, even though it took time."

AF, Personal Injury Client


McNeney McNeney Spieker LLP - Personal Injury Lawyers, Vancouver British Columbia


McNeney McNeney Spieker LLP - Personal Injury Lawyers, Vancouver British Columbia