What our clients are saying


AF Wrote:

I am incredibly grateful for everything.  Martin Spieker is a brilliant lawyer, and at the beginning while I may have gotten the sentiment from Martin that my case as a waste of time and money, he didn’t let that stop him.  His knowledge, expertise, and willingness to GRIND for me eventually did work by focussing on a different approach of the case; and it worked by much more than I could have ever hoped for.  Martin’s assistant was the most amazing assistant.  She helped bring clarity to times of confusion and was fast and efficient with everything that had to be done.  She also showed compassion and patient when needed, as there were plenty of times where I was wiping my tears either on the phone with her or in person.  I thank the firm for allowing my case to be taken, and for fronting all the monetary expenses prior to the settlement, even though it took time.

Mr. M. G. Wrote:

Being my first litigation I felt like I was in good hands from Day 1. Both Christian & Martin explained everything about the process exceptionally well. I am pleased with both the service provided & the final result. Will definitely use firm again if needed. Have already referred firm to other people & will continue to do so.


Mrs K. M. Wrote:

I was represented by Martin Spieker for an incident where I had been the passenger in a motorcycle accident. Martin took the time to listen to my account of the incident and about the injuries I had sustained. I was kept well informed of the issues and of the options available to me throughout the lengthy process. In the end I am very pleased with the services provided by Martin and by his team at McNeney McNeney Spieker. The firm was recommended to me and I would recommend their service to my friends.

Ms. T.P Wrote:

Upon retaining Martin Spieker and his firm, he suggested I let him deal with all the legal aspects of my case, while I concentrated on my recovery. So I did just that. It proved to be good advice. Despite it being a unique and medically complicated case, Martin maintained a calm and professional approach throughout the process. His keen knowledge of the law, combined with his willingness to think outside of the box was instrumental in getting the results I had hoped for. I feel I chose the right person and firm to represent me during this very difficult time of my life.