Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Being injured can be a life changing event.

Besides the physical pain and the many strains and challenges one faces in rehabilitation, there are usually emotional and psychological challenges associated with the injuries.

In addition, it is not uncommon to incur financial challenges. All of these need to be addressed and managed to support an optimal recovery and to properly present the nature of your claim. Your lawyer can assist in managing the many challenges injured persons face. For example if disability insurers are failing to meet their obligations, they can be pressured to meet their obligations by legal demands and litigation.

Your lawyer can also assist in the rehabilitation process by accessing resources such as private financing, independent medical assessments, psychological treatments, specialized medical diagnostic testing, all without an immediate obligation to make payment for such services.

Appropriate rehabilitation will not only maximize your recovery potential but will also identify what the long term outcomes will be including identifying any residual disabilities affecting ones: employment, household and sporting activities.

Ultimately treatment, rehabilitation, and other medical evidence will support some or all of the potential heads of damages in a personal injury claim.

All personal injury claims are assessed by categories. Some initial considerations are the issues of insurance coverage and whether or not the injured person was partially to blame for what caused the injury.

Compensation or damages are assessed by “heads of damage”: non-pecuniary damages (pain and suffering), special damages (out of pocket and other expenses), past income loss, loss of capacity to earn income, cost of future care, management fee, and tax gross up.