Fighting for Riders Rights

Riders Rights

McNeney McNeney Spieker LLP has a long history in fighting for motorcyclists rights. This includes fighting for fair treatment with respect to: rules and regulations governing motorists, insurance companies and in injury claims.

The British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists is a creation of Jim McNeney. Mr. McNeney has always tried to work behind the scenes, because he never wanted anyone to question his motives. He LOVES motorcycling, and that is why he does whatever he can to help the sport.

We have, with support of the British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists, been instrumental in securing rights and privileges for all motorcyclists in British Columbia.

Here are some examples of what McNeney McNeney Spieker LLP has done for motorcyclists: gaining access for motorcyclists to use H.O.V. Highway lanes, equitable insurance rates, and safety requirements under regulations of the Motor Vehicle Act and priority boarding on BC Ferries.

We support the visibility of motorcyclists by politicians, by other motorists and we also take particular care in our representation of motorcyclists to ensure that all evidence is preserved and documented to support engineering or other evidence related to a proper determination of who is at fault for the collision. Physical evidence such as skid or scratch marks as well as the evidence of witnesses are often overlooked by police or insurance adjusters who investigate accident scenes.

If you have been injured while riding a motorcycle, you need someone who cares about motorcyclists on your side. Our track record is proof that we care!