Making an ICBC Claim

Car Accidents

With the possible exception of rear end collisions and head on collisions in your lane, most motor vehicle accident collisions are subject of a liability dispute. In other words, the insurer will make all attempts at finding circumstances which support a percentage dispute on liability.

Claimants are therefore advised to obtain legal advice on whether statements about liability should be made through statements about what happened at the accident should be made directly to the insurance company or through counsel.

It is not what happened in the collision that determines liability, it is what is perceived to have happened and what the physical and witness evidence supports that decides liability. The use of experts is often a critical and determinate in analyzing physical evidence that we are able to gather through the use of investigations conducted by experienced investigators.

The independent interview of witnesses is also critical in securing the best recollection of recent evidence. We are also resourceful in obtaining scene evidence. It is important to arrange an investigation to secure evidence important for a scene and collision reconstruction as well as independent witness details to assist such reconstruction.