Personal Injury


Severe limb injuries, particularly lower limb injuries are unfortunately common amongst motorcyclists struck by vehicles.

Amputations can be traumatic or surgical where the decision to amputate is based on complications post surgery and sometimes after a significant period of attempted rehabilitation. Managing rehabilitation resources, financial and psychological concerns are crucial in achieving the highest degree of quality of life with prosthetics.

Many aspects of ones life can be accommodated through the assistance of occupational experts and home or work place modification. Vocational rehabilitation can be initiated as soon as the ultimate medical and functional prognosis is obtained by expert opinions.

Severe orthopedic injuries also requires the coordination of appropriate rehabilitation, assistance in the home, workplace modification, or vocational retraining if a medical opinion indicates a change in career is medically supported.

Your lawyer will be instrumental in obtaining the appropriate rehabilitation and medical experts as well as investigating impacts on your ability to earn income in the existing occupation, or assisting an injured person in efforts towards retraining into a new career or job consistent with ones abilities and limitations.